About Us

Created for Athletes by Athletes

You took your life to the Next Level, we can help you play there.

Life is one set of goals to obtain after another.  We created Next Level Nutrition for the discerning weekend warrior athlete who has made it to big places.  You have the strength to emerge from the board room victorious.  Time to saddle up the polo pony, grab the clubs, fire up the dirt bike; the athletic activities you love to unwind are waiting.  Play like you are 25 again with the help of Next Level.

Next Level Nutrition was founded by Joe Eckstrom in 2013, an industry expert with over 20+ years’ experience within the franchise and health and fitness industry. Joe founded the Next Level Nutrition line to be offered exclusively in Nutrition Zone stores throughout California, Texas, Nebraska, Ohio, Kansas, North Carolina, Colorado and North Dakota.  The success and brand loyalty fostered in the stores motivated the team to offer the products worldwide. 

The Next Level Nutrition mission to to bring the highest quality, most innovative and effective sports nutrition to market.  This started with Joe with his mission for quality and effectiveness from day one.  He partnered with the FDA as an industry consultant to help the emerging sports nutrition market succeed, ethically, safely and effectively.  From the beginning, we've used proprietary blends in our formulations so we can point to actual clinical trials and be confident in the efficacy and compliance of our products.  The sports nutrition world is filled with fly-by-night companies trying to make a buck on the consumer.  The Next Level Nutrition vision is to provide transparency in labeling and all the information you need to feel comfortable consuming our products.

We use our products. We recommend them to our friends and family.  Our supplements are products we are proud of, and we believe you will see that in the quality of ingredients, the taste, and most importantly, in the results.

Let us help you make it happen together.

Cortni Ward
Owner / CEO