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Stim Free Weight Loss Stack

Stim Free Weight Loss Stack

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Increase fat burning, Elevate Mood, Decrease Cravings and Water Retention.

The Weight Loss Stack, the best and most effective combination of products to help you bump start your metabolism and begin to lose weight.  Does your metabolism need a jump start?  We've done the work for you and put together an effective weight loss stack, and the best bang for your buck!  

A combination of 3 complimentary products for a special price:

  • Adrenal Fix, adrenal system cleanse.  Are you tired of switching up your pre-workout or double scooping because you just don't "feel" it anymore? If this sounds familiar, we have the perfect solution.  Adrenal Fix by Next Level Nutrition is specifically formulated to help people just like you feel the caffeine and stimulants in your pre-workout the first time and every time.
  • Clean Energy is the all natural, stimulant free way to boost metabolism and break down stubborn fat deposits. The formulators at Next Level discovered an alternative to the standard high stimulant metabolism boosters and created a product effective enough to be called a fat burner, without the caffeine. Our patented Clean Energy Blend™ consisting of Green Coffee Bean Extract, Raspberry Ketones, Garcinia Cambogia, and Advantra Z® quickly and easily helps steer calories away from being stored as fat and directs them towards the muscle where they are burned for energy resulting in the Clean Energy™ advantage. 
  • Lean Pro Matrix is a comprehensive and low calorie mix of proteins and other nutrients that work synergistically to deliver exactly what your body needs for optimal nutrition, rapid muscle repair and healthier lean muscle mass. So whether you’ve hit a frustrating plateau in your progress at the gym or just have difficulty gaining and maintaining lean muscle, you now have the help you need to reach your ideal physique goals.


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