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Next Level – T.A.G. MATRIX

T.A.G. Matrix is the next evolution in muscle recovery. Muscle growth happens AFTER your workout, not during. The body’s muscular system is comprised of roughly 60% glutamine, but these levels can drop dramatically within a matter of minutes during your training session. This loss of glutamine decreases the rate of protein synthesis (the body’s ability to build or maintain muscle), weakens the immune system, promotes muscle loss, and can causes your muscles to be sore and achy for days. T.A.G. Matrix is made up of stable di peptide bonded trans-alanyl glutamine and Sustamine® which are quickly and easily absorbed by the muscle. This results in faster recovery, better performance and less discomfort from intense training. T.A.G. Matrix takes your recovery to the Next Level.

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  • Trans-alanyl glutamine is a dipeptide, meaning a bonded chain of two amino acids. In this case glutamine is bonded to alanine, which is needed to replenish glycogen within the muscle further enhancing recovery. This dipeptide bond strengthens the glutamine making it resistant to breaking down in the GI tract and allows it to be safely mixed in any liquid solution without degrading.
  • Sustamine® is the studied and patented form of trans-alanyl glutamine. Studies show that Sustamine® inhibits muscle protein breakdown, promotes protein synthesis, and speeds recovery better than taking glutamine alone. Sustamine® also enhances electrolyte and water absorption in the intestine promoting hydration allowing you to train harder and longer without muscle fatigue.
  • T.A.G. Matrix has the superior ability to prevent muscle catabolism while at the same time promoting an anabolic environment within the muscle. This anti-catabolic effect prevents muscle loss even during the most intense training and/or diet programs.




Why is T.A.G. Matrix important?
During intense training, glutamine levels are often exhausted which can cause decreased strength, stamina, and recovery as well as promoting a catabolic environment. It takes the human body up to six days to return glutamine levels back to normal. T.A.G. Matrix on the other hand quickly replenishes glutamine levels speeding up muscle recovery, and reducing muscle soreness so you can be ready for your next training session. Combine that with T.A.G. Matrix’s super anti-catabolic effect and this a must have for any athlete!

What makes T.A.G. Matrix™ unique?
Unlike other glutamine supplements, T.A.G Matrix’s unique dipeptide bond prevents it from degrading in liquid solutions leaving it intact and readily available for muscle uptake. It’s even stable enough to be mixed directly into your protein shake! And by bonding our glutamine with alanine we have been able to further enhance muscle recovery, hydration and glycogen replenishment compared to taking glutamine alone. T.A.G Matrix Built for Athletes by Athletes.

When should I take T.A.G. Matrix?
Take 1-2 scoops before or after your workout. For maximum effectiveness take an additional scoop in the morning or evening. Research has shown that consuming additional glutamine around your workouts enhances recovery,



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