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Next Level – Fired Up

Fired Up is the next generation in pre-workout formulas. This ultra premium pre-workout is loaded with the precise dosages of ingredients that will give you explosive pumps, and increase size and strength all while allowing you to workout harder and longer than ever before*

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  • Nitrosogine®, the newest, most revolutionary pump inducing compound teams up with athlete favorite Agmatine Sulfate and L-Citrulline to produce the most potent combination of pump ingredients ever!
  •  Creatine HCL provides superior strength, endurance, and muscle without water retention or “stomach bloat”
  • Carnosyn ® Beta Alanine-Maintains optimal pH level within the muscle while promoting endurance and a reduction in lactic acid.
  • Potent combination of high-powered thermogenic and focus compounds featuring Teacrine® , Mucuna Pruriens and caffeine for long lasting energy and focus without the “crash”


FIRED UP SUPPORTS: Skin Tearing Pumps*  Enhanced Endurance*  Maximum Performance* Focus, Muscular Strength, and Power*



When should I take Fired Up?
It is recommended to take one serving of Fired Up 15-30 min before exercise

If I train in the evening can I take Fired Up?
It’s not recommended to take Fired Up within 4 hours of trying to sleep.

Can I take Fired Up if I’m sensitive to caffeine?
Fired Up
contains 300mg of caffeine and may not be suggested to those with caffeine sensitivity. It’s recommended to start with 1/2 serving to access tolerance.

Why should I take Fired Up?
Fired Up
is a premier pre-workout that gives you the mental and physical energy needed to push past your limits. Combined with specific doses of proven ingredients in our Strength and Power formula, you can expect increased oxygen and blood flow, enhanced ATP production, and a reduction in lactic acid build up. Increasing workout productivity and muscular endurance combined with unparalleled focus gives Fired Up a significant advantage over the competition.

What makes Fired Up unique?
Fired Up
was built to be the premiere pre-workout for athletes of all walks of life. After months of R&D and taking into account the stress and demands an athlete’s body goes through during every-day training we built a product that can help combat fatigue and improve physical and mental endurance. By synergistically combining clinically proven ingredients in effective and safe doses, we’ve taken the pre-workout game to the Next Level.



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