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Next Level – Land & Sea

Land & Sea promotes healthy hair, skin & nails. Also promotes proper brain heart & eye vitality.

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Next Level Nutrition Land and Sea uses only EPAX Omega-3 fish oils. EPAX is the global leader in supplying marine-based Omega 3’s with guaranteed potency and exceeds all global purity standards. Combining the very best omega 3 essential fatty acids from wild ocean fish, krill, and flax (the mother compound of all omega 3’s), makes Land and Sea one of the premier Omega 3 supplements on the market. Fish don’t necessarily naturally contain vital Omega 3 fatty acids. Instead most of the health properties found in fish come from the chloroplast contained in the plants in which they eat. Flax on the other hand is nature’s perfect omega.

Flax contains ALA, which is the mother compound to all omega 3 fatty acids. Studies show that by ingesting Flax oil the human body may actually convert some ALA to DHA and EPA. By combining these oils Land & Sea promotes eye, brain, skin, joint and cardiovascular health while helping to maintain metabolism. Land and Sea Omega 3 has a pleasant lemon smell that helps eliminate unwanted fish burps and bad fishy after taste.