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Next Level – Clean Energy

Clean Energy™ is the all natural, stimulant free way to boost metabolism and break down stubborn fat deposits. The formulators at Next Level discovered an alternative to the standard high stimulant metabolism boosters and created a product effective enough to be called a fat burner, without the caffeine. Our patented Clean Energy Blend™ consisting of Green Coffee Bean Extract, Raspberry Ketones, Garcinia Cambogia, and Advantra Z® quickly and easily helps steer calories away from being stored as fat and directs them towards the muscle where they are burned for energy resulting in the Clean Energy™ advantage.

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  • Raspberry Ketones free-up stubborn fatty acids from the cell and allows them to be used during fat utilization while Garcinia Cambogia helps block unneeded fat from being stored and reduces appetite.
  • Clean Energy’s™ patented non-stimulant profile consisting of CLA, and L-Carnitine help break down long chains of fatty acids and shuttle them to the muscle where they can be naturally burned for energy.
  • Advantra Z® is a patented weight loss ingredient shown in studies to safely and effectively speed up the breakdown of fat cells and boost thermogenesis.


CLEAN ENERGY SUPPORTS: Increased Metabolic Rate* Natural Energy* Appetite Control* Enhanced Calorie Utilization*



Why should I take Clean Energy?
Clean Energy can safely and effectively help your body better utilize calories for what they’re intended for…Energy. Most Americans tend to over eat forcing extra calories to be stored as reserve energy better known as FAT. Clean Energy™ helps by “partitioning” or shuttling calories to the muscle where they are naturally used for energy. With Clean Energy’s built in appetite control you can cut cravings while using calories for what nature intended them for.

What makes Clean Energy unique?
Clean Energy differs from traditional “fat burners” by actually helping your body better utilize food for energy. Other fat burners simply focus on high levels of stimulants that may help utilize fat for energy but don’t necessarily address daily caloric intake which may be greater than what the body requires resulting in minimal results. Clean Energy™ is so unique in fact that it can be combined with our stimulant fat burners Ignite™ or Igniter™ for heightened energy and enhanced appetite control.

When should I take Clean Energy?
It is recommended to take one serving (2 pills) of Clean Energy™ 15-30 min before meals. Do not exceed 3 servings per day.